About Me

My name is Jim Pericotti. If you have seen my business cards, you know that my title is Scientist of Typography and Color. Scientist? What's up with that?

I have years and years of research and experiments in type, color, shape, coding, and layouts. But if I called myself a Typospectrologist, you'd probably expect me to be wearing some type of lab coat and brandish a probe.

I have over twenty years of experience as a professional graphic designer. My career portfolio has consisted of projects ranging from supermarket circulars to promotional posters, from Yellow Page ads to multimedia websites, from corporate identities to sports logos. That's a long time making things look pretty!

"Font Savant", "Font Man", "Fonty McFonterson", "Hey You". My obession about fonts and typography has given me many nicknames, a shirt, and even an entry on the Urban Dictionary.

I have served a number of roles in my projects over the years: Designer, Developer, Art Director, Photographer, Copywriter, Teacher. I am quick to adapt, willing to learn, and look forward to stepping into any role as needed (sort of like a parasite, but on a more professional level).

I am a three-sport official: football, baseball and basketball. It's another job where I've been given nicknames (some more blue than others). Being a referee has given me the ability to think fast on my feet, adapt to constantly-changing rules, work with and manage a large number of different people, and maintain a calm attitude in some very stressful situations.

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